29 March 2014

Treeforrt way finding poles

and A-frames for Radio Boise

Treefort Music Festival 2014 Boise

                              Justinian Mortan of AAA signs and i  spent the better part of a week
                              bustin out Signs for Treefort. Pretty much every bar and coffee shop
                              in Boise got a new 4ft sign for the way finding posts.

                                                      free handing some drop script in..

Mural at The Crux in Boise. free coffee for life

Small shop signs for Bikes 2 Boards

Two new sets of art signs sold at Iron Wood in Denver

a couple designs from early 2014.

                                       Magazine advertisement for Joonie and the Great Harbinger
                                       Stampede a Novel by Daniel Landes. All India ink Illustration.
                                         silver leaf and 1shot, Never mind spellings errors when
                                         its for a buddy.

Certified Customs front door